To open an account with FAM Global, apply online and select how you wish to have your funds managed. We have multiple options included cold (vaulted) storage or investment opportunities to advise you of as they arrive, for the more adventurous we can put your cryptocurrency into high risk high reward ventures. See our FAQs for more details on risks, commitments and the management styles available to you.

Fast liquidation is available for those with large vaulted storage.

If your application to join FAM is accepted, you will be given personalised cryptocurrency addresses which are unique to you & secured by the relevant blockchain. Sent to you by email and post.

Your application to FAM is automatically encrypted by PGP:

Your Application -> Locked File Sent -> Key provided by FAM -> Your Application recieved.

Your assets with FAM are secure even if your computer is hacked.

FAM, FAM GLOBAL and the FAM logo are trademarks of Ferdinand Asset Management.